About me

About Yung Wong:

Yung Wong was born in China. and moved to Hong Kong when he was a kid. He is a guy who wants to follow his heart. He graduated from the Nottingham Trent University where he got the first class honor in Fashion Design BA (Hon).

He is a hardworking and passionate fashion designer; through his travels he has come to realize that cultural difference identity and fashion and intimately intertwined, in his work he tries to push at the boundaries of what is possible, while at the same time valuing the importance of designing wearable men’s and women’s fashion.


‘YUNGWONG’ in Chinese means ’syncretic’. This stands for different and often contradicting beliefs. As a contemporary fashion brand, YUNGWONG aims to include contradictions and develop styles that reflect identity – in all its contradictions and tensions, freedom and difference. Apart from fashion, he is also interested in sportswear and architecture.

YUNGWONG designs for who appreciates subtle details and true craftsmanship, such as, high quality trims, thread and buttons. His style is not about being trendy or being fashionable, instead it is about being critical, different and making a difference.