YUNGWONG Fall/Winter 2014/2015 – ‘Cubism in Military’

Design concept:

My initial inspiration is from Fernand Leger’s works.

His pipe and geometry style is attracted to me. I am interested in his use of geometry form. I shall use Cubism artist, Fernand Leger as an inspiration with his geometry style to represent my collection.

Beside, I am inspired by military uniform. The idea is from Ferand Leger was a soldier in WWI.

I like the military uniform. It is masculine, powerful, manly and has smart image. I shall refer to the details in my collection.

Furthermore, I have taken a photo of the colorful wall in Antwerp. The colors are mixed with strong color and grayish color. That is in harmony but also in contrast. I shall use it in my color palate in my collection.

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